Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2008

Current practicing

I play a lot at home these days because it's just great fun to turn on some music and play along with my e-drumkit... too much fun to get myself to practice, but when I do, I play the transcription of Harry Connick Jr's "How Do Y'all Know" (from his great Star Turtle CD, one of the (sadly only) two funk CD's that he made), from an old Modern Drummer magazine .... it's tricky but I almost got it nailed, I almost sound like Raymond Weber :-)

One thing I'd love to get to work is this rudiment that Carter Beauford from the Dave Matthews Band (of which I'm a big fan btw) always plays - it's just RLRL, but played as two sixteenth notes followed by two eighth notes .. but this only sounds interesting at a speed which isn't human - see around 0:20 in this video for example. Or, maybe even better, 1:00 in this one. Damnit, I'd love to be able to do that. Could someone please tell me how long you have to practice this to get this up to speed? There's even a video of a crazy guy teaching the lick, but he's no help... I guess I can play it at the speed at which he shows it, and, like him, I don't sound like Carter when I do that :-)

Oh, and I'll get myself a second bass drum trigger for my e-drumkit, so I can practice double bass... about time, I really need that for one of my current bands. I occasionally use the double pedal there, but so far I never practiced it before, so it's always a risk ... anyway double bass is fun; I found out that I can actually do this stuff (again a Carter video, but actually an old trick) with double bass, including the cross sticking... sure, as he says in the video, it's only for the sound, not for the show, yeah, yeah...

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