Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

4 Skin Sofa gigs ahead!!

If you're in the Oslo area this September / October, you really have no excuse if you don't get to see us play!!

On Friday, 21.9., 22:30, we play at Kroa Absolutt Hyggelig in Fagerstrand, Nesodden.
On Saturday, 22.9., 21:00, we play unplugged at Lesestedet in Ås.
On Friday, 5.10., 21:00, we play at Magneten pub in Oslo.
On Thursday, 25.10. (time TBD), we play at the Hard Rock Café in Oslo.

To prepare yourself and find your favorite song before we play it for you, go visit our Facebook page, or myspace, urørt, or listen to us on Spotify or whatever. You can even buy our stuff in the iTunes store!