Montag, 22. Februar 2010

New recordings

Recently, I was in the studio with Jostein and Viktoria, to record two of her songs. Since this happened in only one morning, we ended up doing an almost live recording, with practically no fixes afterwards. The first two songs on the VOGS page ("Without a reason" and "The birds") are the result.

Also, the Skin Sofa gig in Skuret is just ahead - Wednesday 24 February, evening. Apparently Skuret streams their concerts live via their website, maybe you can see us play from your home, via your browser!


Anonym hat gesagt…

But we don't want people to watch it from home man!! They have to COME to Skuret to get the real Skin Sofa LIVE experience :)

Michael hat gesagt…

Hi Tom! :-) You're right - but I wrote this for my friends who live, e.g., in Austria, making it hard for them to really come to the gig