Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2008

I love the Rebirth Brass Band, and I love the Maple Leaf

I just returned from New Orleans, where I saw the Rebirth Brass Band in the Maple Leaf Bar once again. After all these years, they still play there every week, and if I would live there, I'd probably be there to see their show in this place every week too. It's quite an experience, which can never be fully captured by a video.


Todd R. Brown hat gesagt…

I, too, caught Rebirth just last week at the Maple Leaf, another upbeat and riveting show. I was there filming footage for a documentary I'm working on about brass bands and educating the next generation of players. I hope we do the group justice with our footage, although there's nothing like the real live experience. Here's something I wrote about about my trip:

Michael hat gesagt…

Thanks for the link! Quite interesting indeed

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